Fiberzone LLC is supplying & manufacturing fiberglass Composites products & solutions.

FRP Handrail Systems


Handrails are fabricated from FRP pultrusions with a fire retardant polyester resin, 50% glass content and surface veil for protection against ultraviolet attack. All Handrail Systems are fabricated per specifications and/or requirements. All Handrail Systems feature high strength, lightweight and easy installation.

Responding to the demand for handrail systems that are easy to install, maintenance-free and safety approved, Fibrezone FRP has applied its experience to the development of a safe, reliable handrail system.   

In addition to satisfying basic requirements, The FZ FRP Handrail System offers unique mechanical properties for applications where corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are of special concern.


No Rot: Our handrail systems offer the strength of traditional building materials with a longer life cycle.
Fast Installation: FRP Handrail can be cut, drilled and assembled using standard tools
Applications: Options include NSF certification, UV inhibitors, fire-retardant resin and more.
Nice color: Green, Gray, Beige and Yellow.
No Deformation: Hot or cold, wet or dry, FRP structural members remain dimensionally stable.

Advantages of GRP Handrail Systems

  • Modular for ease of installation
  • Lightweight
  • Strong enough to take load
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Thermally non conductive

Handrail configuration

  • Hand rail
  • Knee rail (Optional)
  • Stanchion/Post
  • Floor/Side fixing mechanism
  • Connectors/splice sections