Fiberzone LLC is supplying & manufacturing fiberglass Composites products & solutions.

FRP Cable Ladder & Tray


GRP Cable Management System provides high degree of flexibility, both in terms of locating the components and accessing the cabling contained within them. Over and above being tough, they are light weight and are easy to install. The cable trays provide high dimensional stability and structural integrity. Being non conductive, they are safe and deliver unmatched performance. A wide pipe sizes & range of ready & customized solutions are available.


  • Composite cable trays are highly corrosion resistant
  • Emission of non toxic fumes, halogen free
  • Light weight and easy to install saves cost
  • Resistance to corrosion and contributes to low maintenance cost
  • Excellent fire behaviors and self extinguishing
  • Good stability against UV
  • Interlocking assembly’s
  • 80% lighter than steel,30% lighter than aluminum
  • Investment and operating expenses savings