Fiberzone LLC is supplying & manufacturing fiberglass Composites products & solutions.

Supply Chain

Our presence in the Middle East and partnership with worldwide companies provides us the edge in offering a competitive pricing. Our know-how and experience in the business captures your demand from all channels, providing inbound & outbound logistic.

Our In-House Engineers

With our in-house engineers we offer specification review services, which encompass documentation and vendor data book completion and progress reporting. Our extensive experience enables us to provide you our prompt technical support.

Inspection, Testing & Installation

We offer site surveys and audits and pre-delivery acceptance tests. We are able to integrate valves & actuators as total package, offering you our one-stop product and service provider, customizing to your requirement.

After Sales Services

Our friendly and committed staffs are readily available to serve you better. We provide energy efficiency improvement services, corrective and repair services.

Integrated Supply Contract

Through partnership, we are able to offer you a long term supply contract. With our financial resilience, we are able to offer you a term price agreement which would able to lessen financial burden in financing your project.