Fiberzone LLC is supplying & manufacturing fiberglass Composites products & solutions.

FRP Pipes & Ducting


We made pipes from the dual helical winding technology. The major raw materials used for this are fiber glass, Resin which can be Epoxy, Vinyl Ester & Isophthalic and sand (certain cases). Inner liner consists of surface tissue and Resin for maximum chemical resistance and to enhance abrasion. The structural layer consists of E- glass impregnated in Resin. Outer Liner is a small layer with structure similar to the structural layer.


Different types of resins are used for the manufacturing of GRP pipes, which are selected according to the required properties like chemical resistance, temperature resistance and mechanical properties. Dual Helical filament winding is the process of impregnating pre-stressed continuous glass fiber rowing with a matrix resin, then applying the wetted rowing to the mandrel/mould under controlled tension in predetermined winding angles using dual helical winding pattern, thereby achieving optimum mechanical properties in both the principal axis, longitudinal and circumferential. Depending upon the requirements of chemical resistance suitable resin is selected. The whole process is fully computer controlled. This unique manufacturing process enables the designer to select a system best suited to meet the specific end product requirements such as high strength, light weight, corrosion and weather resistance, low maintenance.